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Witdouck Farms has been involved in the leafcutter bee pollination industry for almost twenty years.

Over the years they have gained extensive knowledge and understanding of what it takes to manage pollination and hybrid canola production in an effective and efficient way.

They continue to gain valuable experience in the industry through education, research, and investment in technology. Witdouck Farms is working hard at providing the best pollination service available.

No matter what the size, if it is small plot production or commercial production Witdouck Farms has the experience and flexibility to meet pollination needs anywhere in North America.

Quality Assurance Program

The leafcutter bee industry is a widely unregulated business and Witdouck Farms is working on bringing in measures to build confidence for their customers.

One way in which they ensure their customers exceptional pollination and service is through their Quality Assurance Program.

The Quality Assurance Program was built on dedicated management, education, technology and experience.

The program allows management to be accountable to their customers through tracking and control- beginning with their supplier straight through to delivery of bees.

Standard Operating Procedures

In relation to the Quality Assurance Program, Witdouck Farms has also integrated Standard Operating Procedures throughout their operation.

Whether it is in the management of bees or placing equipment in grower’s fields, Standard Operating Procedures have been put in place to make sure the right steps are taken to manage risk and in turn, ensure the highest level of pollination. 


Witdouck Farms has made a considerable investment in the equipment and facilities they operate because it allows them to do a better job for their customers.

All of their facilities have been built to quality standards for safety, efficiency and quality control.

If you have any questions, give Calvin a call!

Calvin Witdouck
Office: 1.403.738.4395
Cell: 403.894.7603
Fax: 866.729.2928
Email: calvin@witdouckfarms.com



Quick Facts and Tips to Optimize Pollination 

Providing superior service involves communication with customers. Here are some “tips to optimize pollination”.

1. Once the leafcutter bees have been delivered, allow the bees to settle     into the hives  prior to irrigating.

2. Growers should contact Witdouck Farms prior to applying any insecticides to fields with leafcutter bees.

3. If growers notice any damage to structures or other bee equipment in leafcutter bee fields please call Witdouck Farms so that the issue can be resolved.

If growers have any questions feel free to contact Witdouck Farms.

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